About Us

DeuXBelges is an exclusive arT-shirt manufacturer.
The brand is a collaboration between 2 Belgians who asked digital Artist By-R.com the to create a new image where art meets fashion in a limited editions world.

The Company :

  • Belgian 100% company (design lovers ) 
  • Quality Top Selected Manufacturers worldwide with Biologic brands.
  • Located  - Belgium
  • Started 2015
  • New Online shop on Facebook
  • Dedicated people who run the store with passion
  • On demand - exclusive unique shirts
  • Collabs with shops - art gallery's and pop ups 
  •  (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Organic Cotton only
  • Bio Ink

To be a Baron means you've got Style and followers.. are you a Baron.
Be Sprout.be the Belgian way of exploring the world of Art and Fashion.

A Surreal Belgian brand with where art meets the street in organic cotton fabrics

for men women of children who like to distinguish themselves from the crowd. 

 Team members 

Operational Manager :  dg@deuxbelges.be

Sales agent :  ...

Art director : vv@deuxbelges.be

Designer : rv@deuxbelges.be 

Quality manager :  mf@deuxbelges.be


Deux BelgesBelgium