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About Us

DeuXBelges is an exclusive luxury high end designer brand with a own philosopy on fashion,

The brand is a collaboration between 2 creative souls Valerie and Raffaele.

where they meet Art becomes Fashion and Fashion becomes Art is their device


DB Deuxbelges  started by making limited and unique artshirts for famous people and directly found an international market for their concept. 

Da da di gital  artist Raffaele was asked to create some designs and patterns and is now a part of the brand as head of imagination. 

Together with Valerie a modern ar(T)chitect who studied also Fashion in Milano they developped a whole collection f where they combined fabrics used in sports with fashion and a touch of Art.

This collaboration between the surrealism of the digital designer and the eye of the Architect resulted in 2 lines.  The DB SPRTS line brings us a more streetstyle image next to the appealing line of limited and unique Artshirts that are numbered and become collectables to wear or keep save.

The Name DB Deuxbelges has become a synonym for high end  clothes worn by stars and celebs because of the limited editions concept this is a journey where lines fade out and new exciting drawings take over.

AS people kept asking new and exciting designs the philosophy of the brand found their final destination and it became clear that in their niche product position they had to figure out how to bring their souls in your daily routines.

The result was a ungoing never ending story with a basic Collection where the brand has asked them to design  a clean essential image but still with the Art and Architecture feel the duo brings.

 the collection became more complete  with knitwear, leather, fur , combining stylish costumes and dresses with jeans and sneakers, handbags and jewelry of their hand but also new are the hand painted unique pieces of Atelier Deuxbelges.

the idea is that the DB ambassador is a loyal fahionable but aware customer and that he or she becomes a trusted partner in the evolution of our Brand carried by our selected stores and brandambassadors worldwide we open the world for a fashion that is Art.  

We like you to touch our Art and share the happy feelings we include in every package.


The Company :

  • Belgian 100% company (Design / Architecture) 
  • Quality Top Selected Manufacturers worldwide 
  • Located  - Belgium 
  • Started 2015
  • Dedicated people who run the store with passion
  • On demand - exclusive unique shirts
  • Limited editions only - numbered collectables 
  • Atelier DB :  hand painted unique art works
  • Collabs with shops - art gallery's and pop ups 
  • Instafamous

To be a DB deuxbelges ambassador  means you've got something different.
wear our colours with pride and love thats the only message we like to give you once you feel the flow you will be DB 

A underground gritty luxury brand for men women of children who like to distinguish themselves from the crowd wearing limited editions and art or our basic line of essentials because of the fit and feel.


thank you for making our creative process possible


Raffaele and Valerie 

DB Deux Belges Belgium